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Dr. Kimberly I Rieniets D.O.


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Dr. Rieniets is a licensed osteopathic (DO) physician and an ABIM board certified Endocrinologist (2009 to 2029).  She is a graduate of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center/National Capital Consortium Endocrinology fellowship (2009) and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Internal Medicine residency (2007). 

Dr. Rieniets received post-graduate allopathic (MD) education at Walter Reed and has allopathic or ABIM board certification; however, her medical school training was osteopathic (DO).  She is a 2004 graduate of Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

As an osteopath (DO), she adheres to the tenant of “patient heal thyself” with an emphasis on patient education and lifestyle therapies and a bias for offering the minimum necessary treatment. 

With nearly 2 decades of experience in management of endocrine, metabolic, and nutritional disorders, Dr. Rieniets applies her extensive training, knowledge, and skills to provide the highest standard of care and compassion and strives to uphold the Hippocratic oath (“first, do no harm”).

By leveraging a diverse education, up-to-date medical evidence, and current guidelines she collaborates with patients to provide safe and effective treatment.

Dr. Rieniets' current professional activities include practice owner and endocrinologist at West Denver Endocrinology, endocrinology expert (or expert witness) for law firms and courts, and a participant in the Veteran's Administration Endocrinology Peer Review program (VA-CPR, Endocrinology).

Outside of her work as an endocrinologist, Dr. Rieniets pursues varied avocations. 

Dr. Rieniets is a musician with present and past roles as a violinist and pianist for groups that include Littleton Symphony Orchestra, Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, International Orchestra, church music groups, and numerous chamber ensembles.  She received "Honorable Mention" as a selected competitor in the 2011 Rocky Mountain Amateur Pianists International Competition and won a violin performance scholarship when she was a CSU student. 

Dr. Rieniets is an award winning iris grower and hybridizer.  She has won regional and national awards for iris hybridization and horticulture.  As an avid gardener she participates in organizations that include American Iris Society (AIS), Median Iris Society, and Elmohrs Iris Society.  Volunteer positions include AIS region 20 board member, AIS Judges Handbook revision committee participant (2020), and Median Iris Society seed exchange chairman.  Dr. Rieniets sells iris rhizomes through Constant Gardener Farm.


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